Welcome to Root’s Refill Pantry

Hi my name is Hayley and with my Husband and three boys we bring you the heart of the Lake District’s first Refill Pantry

Root’s Refill Pantry is a brand-new store to Bowness with a brand-new idea!

The stores main Ethos and intent is simply to reduce single use plastic and food waste, all whilst saving you money.

We all know that plastic pollution is a huge epidemic that no one really knows what to do about and this store makes thinking about it a lot easier.

Offering you a simple convenient friendly way to buy zero waste products. Our Refill Pantry will be a wonderland of dried produce. Rows of glass dispensers will line the walls filled with all sorts of cupboard essentials we will stock mainstream produce as well as free from and organic where this is sustainable.

There will be something for everyone and this is something we pride ourselves on. All you have to do is bring your own jars tins or packaging (washing up liquid looks awesome in a fancy gin bottle!). or you can purchase lots of lovely containers from us. You only pay for the weight of your produce not the container and this is simply done using our fantastic easy use digital weighing scale system.

Root’s Refill Pantry won’t only sell food, we will have lovely soaps, Beauty and skincare products, Shampoos and Conditioners and cleaning and laundry products. Along with food wraps metal straws water bottles etc.

The fun of dispensing and measuring things yourself into your own reusable packaging resonates with children and older people alike. We are a children friendly store (I have three myself, and we have a sink to wash little hands) let them have fun measuring and weighing the ingredient’s and printing off the bar code. It’s a great learning process and loads of fun. We want the shop to become part of the community and we aim to sell lots of local produce from established and new seedling businesses.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.